ISIS don't preach: If you listen to Madonna, Daesh will give you 80 lashes!

Published April 26th, 2015 - 09:00 GMT
Madonna's music has been deemed anti-Islamic by ISIS. (
Madonna's music has been deemed anti-Islamic by ISIS. (
The Islamic State in Syria is preventing football fans from wearing T-shirts bearing slogans for the world's most popular football clubs, such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan, considering them against Islamic Sharia as those shirts are a sign of idol worship.
Violators will receive 80 lashes, according to the Daily Star British newspaper.
According to the al-Arabiya news website, the organization also banned Madonna's music, saying her music is anti-Islamic and her name means Virgin Mary and therefore listening to her is prohibited by Islam.
The organization distributed pamphlets in north Syria warning citizens about listening to her.
IS has also prohibited the wearing of clothing that have Christian symbols on them, such as the cross, the Bible or a priest, or other slogans or words such as: flirt, take me, follow me, kiss me, Cupid and others.

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