No news good news? Jaden Smith won't comment on relationship with Kylie Jenner

Published August 13th, 2015 - 03:40 GMT

According to 'reputable sources' at Britain's equally dependable gossip rag Closer yesterday, Kardashian/Jenner matriarch Kris Jenner would like her daughter Kylie, 18, to reconsider dating the17-year old son of Will Smith, Jaden, instead of rapper Tyga, 25, who used to go out with paparazzi favourite Blac Chyna, who is in an ongoing feud with Mrs Kanye West, Kim Kardashian - another daughter of Kris Jenner. Today's celebrity reality has nothing on the classic Shakespearean-type dynastic struggles of the past, right?

However, when asked for thoughts on what the mother of his admittedly close friend Kylie 'said', all Jaden could muster was, "I have absolutely no comment."

Perhaps, in isolation, such an utterance could make the actor and designer appear a tad surly, yet the remark is merely the result of a lifetime spent in the public eye thanks to having not one but two celebrity parents (Jada Pinkett Smith is his mother), and knowing better than to be ushered into a potential public rumour spat. The statement was actually made in good humour.

Jaden and his 14-year old sister Willow were on the 112th floor of Dubai's Armani Hotel yesterday morning to promote their series of events over the next few days in association with Dubai Summer Surprises. These include a concert, meet & greets and fashion shows featuring three special Dubai-inspired designs for Jaden's clothes line MSFTS.

The two were in high-spirits as they began the meeting posing for selfies, the cityscape in the background, and introducing themselves with an impromptu beatboxing duet over the microphones. A close kinship was instantly obvious as each thoughtfully listened to the other's responses to questions and shared responsibility for taking the lead in replying.

This was reinforced when Willow was asked if there were any problems in performing, working and travelling together.

"Every group of siblings has their differences," she said.

"But we appreciate them," Jaden added.

"That is the power we have together," Willow continued.

Known for their spirituality through their social media output (the duo have a combined 9.45 million followers on Twitter), Jaden and Willow enjoy imparting a message of "peace, love and creativeness," as Jaden put it, in all their endeavours be them music, fashion or film.

"Yoga grounds me to the Earth," Willow said.

"We find it spiritual and that helps in whatever we do - if it's singing songs or releasing movies or clothes," said Jaden.

"If I didn't make music, I'd explode," said Willow.

The pacifistic motif is especially keen with Jaden judging from the Tweets he often broadcasts to his 5.71 million followers including recent gems such as 'Love Yourself, And Watch' and 'Today, Tomorrow, Always.'

With occasionally impenetrable meanings or philosophical leanings, his 140-character blogs can make international headlines.

"Once I just stopped going on social media because of the amount of people out there judging your life." he said. "Some people will not understand that sometimes I'm just quoting others, because they [those people] don't read books."

"I once tweeted, 'The most important thing about life is almost always the most insignificant,'" Willow said. "I feel you," her brother responded.

When it comes to upcoming work, Jaden said he is currently filming Baz Luhrmann's Netflix period drama The Get Down and could not confirm nor deny whether Karate Kid II was in the pipeline.

Stories have been circulating that Willow will soon be collaborating with Drake, though, taking a leaf out of her brother's book, she could only say, "no comment."

Events taking place at Fashion Catwalk – The Dubai Mall

Thursday, August 13

• Jaden and Willow Smith Concert: 4.30pm • Meet-and-Greet: 5.30pm • Bloomingdale’s Fashion Show: 7.30pm

Friday, 14 August 14 2015

• Sacoor brothers Fashion Show: 4.30pm • BinHendi Fashion Show: 7.15pm

Saturday, August 15

• Galeries Lafayette Fashion Show: 4.30pm • Jaden and Willow Smith Styling Session: 7pm • Meet-and-Greet with the Smiths: 7. 20pm

By David Light

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