Rumors, rumors! Jamal Suleiman’s in Paris, NOT Syria, Peeps!

Published April 23rd, 2013 - 09:03 GMT
"I promise I'm not in Syria!" says Jamal Suleiman
"I promise I'm not in Syria!" says Jamal Suleiman

When will we ever get it right? A photo that surfaced on the internet of Jamal Suleiman surrounded by men from the Syrian Free Army in the city of Hims led to rampant rumors that the Syrian actor was in his homeland with some serious cash to distribute and help arm men.

The main website to blame for the gossip stated that the actor had entered Syria assisted by armed militias with loyalty to Qatar, which is where the roll of dough also originated. The news and picture of Suleiman let loose a barrage of attacks against him from supporters of the Syrian government.

According to the Middle East news portal, Jamal denied that he had secretly entered Syria and that if he ever did cross the border, he would do it openly ‘cause he isn’t scared of anyone.

Jamal stressed that he is in Paris attending a conference about Syria, and he is not part of any political civil party.  The photo was a fabricated hoax from low-level sick individuals.

Fact or fabrication? What do you think?

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