Jamal Suleiman waiting for Dooms Day

Published December 6th, 2011 - 03:57 GMT
Jamal Suleiman
Jamal Suleiman

Prominent Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman is anxiously waiting for the screening of the Iranian film “Dooms Day”, which he starred in alongside a number of prominent Iranian actors and actresses. The film tackles the life of Muslim Imams Ma’awiah Bin Sufian and Imam Hussein, who lived at the time of Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.


The film is a historical one that reflects on religious events beginning with the death of Ma’awiah and the assassination of Imam Al Hussein. Jamal had signed the contract for the film over a year and a half ago and stars 24 leading actors, and many more secondary artists.


The duration of the film is two and a half hours and it is scheduled to be screened in Iran, the Middle East and Europe in the very near future. It is also expected to be part of numerous film festivals around the world.


The film is directed by Iranian director Ahmad Darwish, who had begun filming the first scenes two years ago. Jamal filmed his scenes in the film this past Ramadan after having completed filming the scenes for his television drama “Al Shawari’ Al Khalfieh” (The back streets).


Jamal’s scenes in the film took seven days to complete and he refused to reveal any details about the role he played wanting it to be a surprise to all his fans. In addition, the contract between the producing company of the film and Jamal strictly states that he is not to disclose any details about the film.




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