Jealousy? Hana Al Zahed's Fiancé is Angry About New Film's Poster

Published January 22nd, 2019 - 01:36 GMT
'Qissat Hob' (Love Story) poster. (Source: qesat7obfilm - Instagram)
'Qissat Hob' (Love Story) poster. (Source: qesat7obfilm - Instagram)

A dispute happened between actor Ahmed Fahmy and his fiancée artist Hana Al Zahid, after the introduction of the new poster for the film (Qissat Hob) "Love Story" expected to be released on Valentine's Day.

Sources said that Ahmed Fahmy's jealousy prompted him to quarrel with his fiancée, after he saw the poster of the new film in which she stands behind the lead actor, which pushed her to contact the producer to voice her anger at the picture's composition which was edited using Photoshop, as the photographs of the actors in the film were taken separately.

Ahmed Fahmy's agitation pushed Hana not to post the poster on her Instagram account, while the lead actor in the film Ahmed Hatem posted it to his social media profiles.

So far, Zahid and Fahmy haven't commented on what is being said about their argument because of "Qissat Hob" (Love Story) poster.

On the other hand, Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Al Zahid are preparing to shoot their new Ramadan series "Alwad Sayed Al Shahat" (The Beggar's Master), where they will be acting together for the first time on screen work after announcing their engagement.

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