Jennifer Nettles Launches New Music Video for 'I Can Do Hard Things'

Published March 23rd, 2019 - 06:55 GMT
(Twitter/ JenniferNettles)
(Twitter/ JenniferNettles)

Jennifer Nettles released a new music video after issuing a PSA about community.

The 44-year-old Sugarland singer shared a video Friday for her new solo single, "I Can Do Hard Things."

The "I Can Do Hard Things" video features several women, including an advocate for the transgender community and a research assistant who cares for her disabled mother.

"The music video for #ICanDoHardThings shares some of the stark realities that women overcome and showcases the community that is forged by the shared experience of getting through hard things," Nettles tweeted Friday. "It is the hard things that not only make us stronger, but also bring us together."

Nettles had shared a PSA video featuring several of the women Thursday. She explained her intentions in an essay for Medium published Friday.

"This song for me is a truth telling, a blood letting, a real-life heart opening to what it means to be a grown woman. It is my offering to honor the reality that, as I like to say, 'everything is everything,'" the star wrote.

"When I was a young girl, and even a young woman, I indulged the duality, the tempting, dichotomous fantasy, that Life can be neatly compartmentalized into 'wrong or right, 'black or white, 'happy or sad,'" she said. "As I became a woman, and most certainly upon maturing into a mother, I came to see what we live in the 'in between.'"

Nettles said her worldview was also shaped by the book Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, which taught her we "are 'made for hard things just as much as we are made for joyous, easy ones.'"

"I read those words and I saw every woman's story. I saw that we are resilient," the star recalled. "That Truth became so loud that I had to sing it. I can do hard things."

"I Can Do Hard Things" is expected to appear on Nettles' forthcoming fourth studio album. She last released the holiday album To Celebrate Christmas in October 2016.

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