Jessica Alves Feels Great' Days After Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery

Published February 26th, 2021 - 06:38 GMT
Jessica Alves  (Instagram)
Jessica Alves (Instagram)
In a video, she said: 'It's been nine days after my sex reassignment surgery and I'm feeling abs great, I can sing, I can dance, I can do everything. 

Jessica Alves has gushed that 'feels great' just days after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline ahead of her appearance on Germany's RTL Explosiv, the media personality, 37, gushed she was already planning a breast enlargement just nine days after her last procedure.

Jessica revealed last week that she felt 'born again' after spending six hours undergoing gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, gushing she feels like she can finally be herself after being born into the wrong body.

Jessica told MailOnline that RTL have been filming her journey since the beginning of her transition, with the feature set to be televised on Saturday.

In a video, she said: 'It's been nine days after my sex reassignment surgery and I'm feeling abs great, I can sing, I can dance, I can do everything. 

'It feels very different, and today is the first day I'm actually I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna go to a hair salon to wash my hair I'm so happy I'm like a new person. 

'Next surgery I'm going to have a breast implant I'm gonna be having my breasts bigger and fuller. And also doctor will remove this implant because I keep having problems with this chin implant and shave this jawline.'

Jessica went onto tell MailOnline: 'A few years ago or even still now when people have sex change surgery they have to be in bed for 2 weeks. In my case I had the best surgery option.

'I feel so good that I am now next week changing my breast implants which without a wonder bra it is too low down to my belly and far apart. 

'They are at 725cc and I shall go up to 1200cc. Also my chin implant will be removed and my jaw line will be shaved on the v-shape so my face will look more feminine.'

Earlier this week Jessica gushed that she was delighted with the results of her gender reassignment following the Penile-Peritoneal Vaginoplasty. 

Speaking on Monday's This Morning, she explained: 'The aesthetics of my vagina is exactly the same as a biological vagina, I look at it all the time. 

'In three months time, it will behave like a biological vagina. It's elastic, it self-lubricates.'

Jessica, who was previously known as Rodrigo, almost became emotional during the interview as she told how her life can finally begin after her surgery. 

She said: 'I promised myself I was not going to cry. My life will start now. I'm going to continue doing television shows. 

'I've done more than 400 television shows as a man and will continue as a woman.'

Previously known as the Human Ken Doll, Jessica admitted she kept having numerous cosmetic surgery procedures because she was not happy living as a man.

She said: 'I kept having plastic surgeries in order to find myself when in reality I was always a transgender woman. I couldn't transition at the time. I was afraid, I didn't know how to start. 

'I also had a lot of television jobs in different countries and what they wanted was Rodrigo. Then I found ways to live with Jessica who was inside me. I became a cross dresser in secret. 

'I would wear a wig and a pair of high heels and sit on my sofa and watch a film. It was escapism. I was living as a cross dresser in secret for four years. Then I had my ribs removed and had surgery to make me look more feminine. 

'I started having depression and had my psychological assessment and was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. I started my transition process in September 2019 and I feel emotional right now to say I have finished.' 

Having spent more than £700,000 on cosmetic surgery, Jessica is still not finished going under the knife.

She said: 'I have to do two more surgeries. I'm not happy with my breasts, I have to change my implants and a few other things. There's one thing I want to say, being a woman feels amazing.'

Jessica plans to continue with her television career but admitted she lost work in some countries when she revealed she is transgender.

She said: 'There are people who have to be on a waiting list for three years before seeing a specialist. Once I decided to transition, I had contract jobs in Russia, no one wanted me anymore.' 

Jessica underwent the procedure on February 17 and said she is recovering well and feeling comfortable.

She told MailOnline that her family have been incredibly supportive of her decision to get surgery - which cost her £13,700.

But she admits that not everyone has been so accepting of her decision.

'I lost most of the people that I assumed were my friends. They could not cope with the changes,' she regretfully revealed. 

'2020 was a very lonely year with Covid restrictions - but I was able to have my feminisation surgeries and do my hormone therapy all privately as the waiting list on the NHS to have the first assessment is three years so I could not rely on it.'

Adding to this feeling of isolation, Jessica admits she has never met another trans woman.

'I have never met a trans woman in my life. I have never had anyone to look up to. I just followed my heart,' she said.

She also reveals how she has lost work thanks to her transition. 

'Over the past eight years I have been working as a TV personality in many countries, I have done more then 400 TV shows in 23 countries. 

'I knew that once I came out as a trans woman I would lose a lot of work. I lost TV contracts in Russia, Romania, the USA and Spain, including branding and products endorsements,' she revealed 

She went on: 'In the UK we have laws to protect trans people. But to be a trans person in the UK is still something alien and most of society don't know how to treat or to address a trans person using the right pronouns. Or even ask how the person would like to be addressed.

'There have been a few times at my GP practice or at airports where I have lost my cool when people who are supposed to be helping me still used male pronouns and that felt like a knife into my chest.

'In the UK we must see trans people integrated as part of society, they must have work opportunities and we need more trans people also on TV and in films. That will be a way to teach society that we are equals.' 

Dr.Kamol Pansritum used Jessica's abdominal (peritoneal) lining to create her vagina. The modern technique is also used on women who are born without a vaginal canal.  

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