Jet set on a wild adventure with 'Wonho Around the World'

Published November 24th, 2015 - 09:38 GMT
Wonho celebrates premiering the first episode of his travel show "Wonho Around the World." (Facebook)
Wonho celebrates premiering the first episode of his travel show "Wonho Around the World." (Facebook)

We know and love Wonho Chung as the Arabic-speaking Korean who never fails to make his audience laughBut the successful stand up comedian with sold-out shows has now ventured into something quite different: travel and tourism!

Hang on, traveling can be funny, no? If you've got Dubai-based Chung as your travel partner, then no doubt. 

In "Wonho Around the World," the adventurous soul jet sets around the globe where he immerses himself in different cultures, explores the unexplored and takes on adrenaline-inducing dares and challenges.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, there's going to be live octopus eating, bungee jumping and cobra chopping... and that's just the beginning!

Photo: Wonho gets brave with a huge real-life snake in Thailand. (Facebook) 

Why the change of heart? Chung said that the managing director of the production company Future Factory approached him with the idea and it was an offer he counldn't refuse.

Crossing 10 countries in Asia, Chung kicked off his adventure in the ever green Sri Lanka. 

"We spent eight months planning and June was when we set it into motion," Chung told The National.

What makes Chung's travel show different? You'll get to see the world from the comic's perspective, which he says will be "presented in a light hearted manner and with a lot of spontaneity. The cameras are rolling the whole time as I enter into different situations."

Another unique selling point is that Chung tracks down an Arab living in that country and focuses on how they've made it their home while still preserving their Arab identity.

"In China, we met up with an Egyptian who spoke fluent Mandarin," he said.

As a well-traveled celebrity, Chung has been all over the world, but which country has him screaming for more?


"The city is perfection. You don’t feel claustrophobic, people aren’t frustrated and are very friendly, it’s clean and safe, and the food is amazing. I couldn’t find anything to flaw. I will be going back," he told The National about Tokyo.

Now that Chung has Asia covered, the 35-year-old star said that Europe is next on his itinerary.

"It’ll start with Georgia, and then we’ll be covering Switzerland, Germany, Munich, Amsterdam and Czech Republic."

You can now watch the 25-minute long episodes jam-packed with each country's history, culture, shocking traditions, tourist attractions and cuisine on the free-to-air Al Araby TV.

For cool updates on Chung's adventure, follow the hashtag #wonhoaroundtheworld.

By Arwad Khalifeh

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