Jordanian TV presenters blinded by careless technical malfunction

Published April 26th, 2012 - 01:33 GMT
Lana Atiat and Hana Abu Jar'ah
Lana Atiat and Hana Abu Jar'ah

Two Jordanian TV presenters Lana Atiat and Hana Abu Arjah on Jordan TV were temporarily blinded while filming a live episode of the daily morning show “Yawm Jadid” (A New Day) due to a technical malfunction in the lighting.


Lana and Hana experienced burns and severe damage to their eye sight due to a careless mistake by lighting technicians of not placing any protective and filtering layers on the lighting system.


A source at the television station revealed that Lana and Hana were temporarily blinded during filming the episode that lasted for 3 straight hours and were immediately taken to a specialized eye hospital.


The medical report stated that both TV broadcasters experienced rupturing of the cornea and iritis, which is inflammation of the eye’s iris, due to the extreme heat generated from the lights on the set of the show. The report added that the two ladies will be blind for several weeks before regaining their eyesight.


According to the internet based website, the source at the station revealed that the current light technician was transferred from his previous position as a general services worker three months ago by the former general manager of the station without having any prior experience in lighting.


While filming the episode of the show, Lana and Hana had complained about the excessive from the lights but their complaints were ignored. 


The current general manager of the station Ramadan Al Rawashdeh has formed an investigating committee to get to the bottom of the accident and granted both Lana and Hana an open sick leave until they regain their sight.



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