Justin Bieber Wants Ed Sheeran to Write a Song for Hitting Him with a Golf Club in the Face

Published September 28th, 2017 - 01:15 GMT
Justin Bieber wondering whether he'll ever be hit by a golf club. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)
Justin Bieber wondering whether he'll ever be hit by a golf club. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)

Justin Bieber thinks Ed Sheeran "still owes" him for hitting him in the face with a golf club.

The 'Sorry' hitmaker took a beating earlier this year when the flame-haired hunk accidentally smacked him in the mouth with the sports equipment while they were getting drunk at a bar in Japan, and now the 23-year-old pop star wants his friend - who penned 'Love Yourself' for him in 2015 - to write him another hit song in return for the fat lip he suffered.

Justin said: "Of course I want him to write for me again in the future. I get that every artist out there wants him to write for them - but we are buddies and he still owes me from hitting me with a golf club! Artists are fighting over Ed - he is a genius when it comes to song writing."

And the 'What Do You Mean' singer can see why stars are desperate to work with Ed - because they're "pretty much guaranteed" a hit if he writes the song for them.

Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: "If Ed writes you a song you pretty much know you have a guaranteed hit. I think probably a lot of people aren't even aware of some of the songs he has written for the biggest performers in the world over the last few years. He wrote 'Love Yourself' for me and bang - it was the biggest song of 2016."

Ed, 26, previously opened up about his drunken game of golf with Justin and admitted he knew he was too intoxicated to hit a ball from his pal's mouth, but he still accepted the dare.

He said previously: "[It was] just him, no security or anything, he came to this really, really filthy dive bar. We ended up at this golf course and he put a golf ball in his mouth and said, 'Go on! Hit it out.' I was pretty hammered and I was like, 'Focus, focus, focus. You can't hit him!' I had this driving wedge and I [teed up] and I cracked him across the face!"

And that wasn't the first time the pair have enjoyed a wild, alcohol-fuelled night out together, as earlier this year Ed - who is in a relationship with Cherry Seaborn - revealed the pair duetted with one another at a karaoke bar during their travels in Japan's capital, where they sang one another's biggest hits before coming together for a rendition of 'Love Yourself'.

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