When some Iraqi soul comes to the heart of Lebanon: Kadim El Saher's love songs for Byblos

Published July 23rd, 2012 - 09:53 GMT
Kathem El Saher sings to a supportive audience at Byblos
Kathem El Saher sings to a supportive audience at Byblos

Iraqi singer Kadim Al Sahir recently took part in the Lebanese Byblos International Festival held in the ancient charming city of Jubeil (Byblos). The singer’s soulful love-ballads marked his debut at the renowned Lebanese festival.

Kadim has always made it a point to vary his repertoire of music festivals both locally and abroad, and this year chose to sing at the special 'oldest continuously inhabited' city - whose concert is eponymously named. His presence, and the rest of the show-pieces, attracted fans from Lebanon and across the wider Arab world.

Kadim sang his heart out at this year's festival titled “Li Ini Ahubukum Ughani Nizar Qabani” (Because I Love You I Sing Nizar Qabani - the Syrian Arab nationalist poet) for a two hour slot. His line-up included a collection of the most popular love songs by the late Lebanese poet Nizar Qabani.

Among the hits Kadim sang were “Khayartak” (I Made You Chose), “Zeedini Ishqan” (Give Me More Love), “Kul Aam Wi Inta Habibi” (Every Year and You are My Love).


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