Kamal Abu Rayyah transforms into a cunning and villainous crook

Published November 24th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

In the Ramadan TV drama “Qasim Amin”, Egyptian actor Kamal Abu Rayyah was a defender of women’s rights and called for equality in treatment. In “Saif al Yaqin” (The Sword of Truth), he moves from the life of the rich to play the part of a caller to Islam and calling for the truth to be out.  


According to the Egyptian daily, Al Akhbar, in the new drama “Ghader and Kibriya’a” (Traitor and Arrogant), Kamal moves away from every trait of humanity in his usual character and role to take up the part of an evil and deceiving man.  


The new drama as noted by the daily, revolves around the life of a young man, Jalal Shahin, who uses every manipulating and condescending manner to get what he wants. Jalal uses every dirty trick in the book with his neighbors cheating them of money. One of the major cunning moves he makes is towards his boss’s daughter, in which he villainously deceives the young girl into falling in love with him. Being a skilled con man, he takes part in many cases of fraud in his father in-law’s business and launders money and is engaged in many illegal actions. At the moment he is found it he runs off to hide out in Lebanon. 

The story of the drama is by Mahmoud Dahmoush, written by Mohammad Al Basousi, and directed by Mohammad Abdul Aziz. Lucy, Eman, Ibrahim Yusri, Ahmad Khalil, Madiha Hamdi, Abdul Aziz Abo O’ouf, Mahah Abo O’ouf, and Adel Amin will be costarring in the drama.  


“Qasem Amin” took two long years of obstacles, production and censorship problems for the Ramdan drama to be aired on time. On top of all the problems that arouse Kamal is faced with a denial of his salary rights. Abu Rayyah told the UAE daily Al Bayan that after all the scenes for the series, directed by Ena’am Mohammad, were completed he was shocked to find out that he will not be receiving any monetary reward or compensation for the efforts and accomplishments he achieved in his role. The decision to not pay Abu Rayyah was made by Faraj Abu Al Faraj, head of the Egyptian Production Company.  


The daily reported that when Kamal asked why he is being denied his salary at the end of shooting and completing his work, he was in more shock to find out the reason. Apparently the decision came due to the fact that throughout the two years of shooting, Kamal was absent for several days causing the Egyptian Production Company to loose money. At first, Kamal heartily believed that the whole matter was a practical joke being played on him the last day of screening, only to find out that it was real.  


In an interview with Kamal, the daily reported that when asked why he did not file a legal complaint against the Egyptian Production Company, the actor replied that he takes responsibility for his actions and he does not want to act in any unprofessional manner. Kamal also noted that he would deal with the situation in well-planned manner.  


The daily commented that what made Kamal feel cheated the most was the fact that he considers himself as part of the Egyptian Production Company’s family, always dedicating himself fully - and after all this time to be “rewarded” in such a cruel manner was too much for him to handle.  


The drama co-stars Kamal Abu Rayya (Playing the lead role) and Mirna Murad, and is directed by Ena’am Mohammed Ali. Qasem Amin is a very important Egyptian intellectual and writer who called for women’s liberation through his books, Tahrir al Marah (Women’s Liberation) and al Mara’a al Gadidah (The New Woman). Abu Rayyah was enthusiastic to play a role in Qasem Amin since it adds to his historical drama roles he played, of which includes Ahmed Rami in Umm Kulthoom series. –Albawaba.com

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