Kathem al Saher Sings in Amman, Sydney

Published February 27th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

The success which the Iraqi singer Kathem al Saher achieved in his two concerts in Jordan was an indicative of success in his forthcoming tour in Australia where he will perform a concert at Sydney Opera House next April. 

Last Monday al Shaer performed a concert at the Arina Hall in Amman which is the largest hall in the Middle East for his audience most of which came from the 1948 Palestinians. He chose to respond to their salute by singing parts of Jerusalem song based on a poem by Mane’ Said al Utaibah and which he composed. 

Earlier on Sunday Saher performed a concert at Radison Sas Hotel in Amman. 

Saher chose his old songs, which he used to sing before he left Iraq for Jordan and Lebanon after the second gulf war in 1991 to dedicate to his audience who, continued to repeat their words for two full hours. These songs include A’bart al Shatt (I Crossed the Shore), Sallamtak Beed Allah (I Put You in God’s Hands), and Ana Shoo Sawwait (What Did I Do?). He was also delighted with the songs Zaidini E’shkan (I want More Love), Qouli Ahibbak (Say I Love You) and Enni Khayyartak (I Gave You Options) which reflect his intimate relationship with the late poet Nizar Qabbani. 

The singer of Ana Wa Laila (Myself and Laila) is always optimistic with what he inspires from Jordan -- Albawaba.com 

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