Kathem Al Saher throws an old shoe at Iraqi opposition

Published April 21st, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher fiercely refused requests by supporters of US invasion of Iraq to sing songs that express a positive outcome from the collapse of Sadam’s regime. In an exclusive letter sent to the Jordanian daily newspaper Al Dastour, Kathem revealed that he wants everyone to know that he is not easily bought or sold, and all attempts by Iraqi opposition parties asking him to sing for the American invaders can only be answered in one way, which is by throwing an old shoe in their faces.  


Kathem said that he has received many offers to sing of how the war on his country was done for the Iraqis and to free them of dictatorship. But the singer stressed that he will never support the Iraqi opposition parties who are being supported by the enemies, the Americans and Jews. He added that all members of the opposition will eventually be thrown in the garbage dump of time. 


Kathem denied circulating rumors that he belonged to the Iraqi opposition party and had fled to the US. After being away from the spotlight for some time, the singer had taken part in a March that called for support and solidarity towards his home country Iraq to prove to the world that he stands by his people and to put an end to all the lies that have sprouted about his position towards the war.  


Kathem stressed that he is a part of Iraq and Iraq is his land, for he is in debt to it for his fame and popularity. He added that he had traveled to the US and held concerts that mostly included national songs about Iraq describing his loyalty to it. One of the songs which he had sung in the US was "Baghdad la Tata'alami" (Baghdad Don't Suffer). In the song, Kathem wanted to show the American public the real image of the Iraqi people which is opposite of what they have learned from false propaganda that shows the Iraqi people as sheep herders with weapons in their hands. Kathem added that this is also the image the West has of all Arabs.  


Earlier this month, Al Saher had called on all artists in Egypt and from around the Arab world to take part in a march in Cairo to show solidarity and support for the Iraqi people. The march proved to be a successful one with so many singers and actors participating in addition to the speeches given that struck straight to the heart.  


Kathem had also began recording a new song "Atfal Al Iraq Al Hazina Bi Ai Thanb Yuktaloon" (Children of the heartbreaking Iraq, for what fault are they being killed) in Cairo written by Egyptian poet Farouq Juwaideh. Kathem expressed that ever since war broke out in Iraq, he was eagerly searching for a way to express his devotion and solidarity with his people.  


A new duet "We Want Peace" has also been released over the Internet for the Iraqi singer and African American singer Lenny Kravitz, adding to the large collection of new singles sung by singers worldwide calling for world peace and security. Kravitz launched the song, which was recorded in Maiami Florida, during Kathem's tour of the United States, on the American national association website "Rock the Vote" that encourages involvement of the young generation in politics. –Albawaba.com 

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