Keeping up with the Kardashians: Haifa Wehbe shows a little much for the ME masses

Published November 16th, 2014 - 11:42 GMT

Well, she may not have pulled a complete Kim Kardashian, but she got as close as she sure dang could for this part of the world.

It's pretty much a guarantee that any time the Middle East's most daring diva makes a public appearance, she'll be turning up a nose or two. Haifa Wehbe's recent "Star Academy" guest appearance was no exception to her naughty norm.

Laha Magazine reports that many described the long black but pretty much see-through dress with disgust, saying they couldn't even bear to look at it. We'll bank the boys didn't mind, tho. 

Artist Fardous Abdel Hamid is quoted as saying, "There is no God but Allah, I cannot begin to understand, have we reached such a point?"

Artist Rania Mahmoud Yasin posted a photo of the star in her daring, semi-nude gown on her page and commented,  "What is this Haifa?"

Egyptian actor Sharif Muneer wrote, "I have never in my life saw a celebrity intentionally want to irritate people and put him/herself in such a position of negative criticism that will surely negatively impact their fame and social stature, especially since this criticism is made by young men, who naturally should enjoy looking at such an exposure of so much skin, but the result is completely the opposite and they are disgusted by it."

Muneer added, "The females that I know have written comments that express their disapproval of what is being shown by Haifa, and these females are very open minded and have lots of freedom, but everything has its limit, and I am truly disappointed with Haifa."

Once Haifa arrived on the talent show stage in the scandalous attire, even the judging committee's disapproving glares were clearly apparent to all. .

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