Kelsy Karter Reveals The Reason behind Her Harry Styles Tattoo

Published January 31st, 2019 - 09:13 GMT
Harry's usually a big fan of fan tattoos (Source: kelsykarter / Instagram )
Harry's usually a big fan of fan tattoos (Source: kelsykarter / Instagram )

Singer Kelsy Karter has finally explained the meaning behind her Harry Styles face tattoo, saying, 'I wear my heart on my cheek'.

Harry's number one fan claimed she wasn't afraid to 'express' her feelings for the star while in discussion with The Edge Afternoon Show.

Full of praise for the chart-topping singer, Kelsy enthused she respected Harry and thought he was very good looking as she showed off more angles of the tattoo

She said: 'I just wear my heart on my cheek and I couldn’t really control what went on from there.

'As a fellow musician, I really respect what he’s doing for rock ‘n’ roll. I’m a female in the modern day movement of rock ‘n’ roll and he’s exposed the kids to sounds they might have not otherwise heard. 

'Because he came from the pop world and did a rock ‘n’ roll album, it’s opened doors for people like me. I really respect what he’s doing and love what he’s doing — and he’s nice to look at.'

What you going to do about it? Harry's number one fan claimed she wasn't afraid to 'express' her feelings for the star while in discussion with The Edge Afternoon Show

The singer's Instagram comes after she unveiled her Harry face tattoo for the first time after previously saying she is desperate to record a song on his next album.

The inking was done by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste and the New Zealand born, Australian raised and now LA-based singer, 24, shared the results on Instagram, writing: 'Mama, look what i made me do.'

The singer, who has written a song for Zayn Malik, 26, had hinted on Twitter earlier this month that she was planning to do something for 24-year-old Harry's birthday, on February 1.

It's a Sign Of The Times: Kelsy got the One Direction singer's face TATTOOED on her cheek for his birthday surprise... just as her new music video is released



She wrote: 'Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday....". The singer also recently tweeted: 'It’s 2019 and Harry Styles is still the best-looking human.'

It's not known if Kelsy and Harry are friends or if they have ever met. But she told i-D back in July why she loves him so much.

She said: 'What I love about him from a professional standpoint is that he was the poppiest of pop stars, and then he went off on his own and made a classic rock album.


'For someone like me who wants to live in that world who hasn’t been in a boy band, he has opened the door for me. He’s introduced the kids to the kind of music I want to make.

'For that, I’m really grateful. I also just want his career. I feel like I’m a female version. I actually moved to America to act, and music became my main thing. Rock ‘n’ roll is my passion. I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry. Where you at? Mark my words: I’m getting a song on his album.'

Meanwhile, Kelsy just dropped the music video to her new single, Catch Me If You Can but has been releasing music since 2012.

She also wrote a song for Harry's former bandmate, Zayn, which hasn't come out yet.

According to All Music, 'Kelsy makes vintage-influenced pop and soul with a contemporary twist.

'Born in New Zealand, Karter was raised in Australia, where she first started playing piano around age six.

'After high school, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her career, debuting with the 2012 single The Revolution and 2013 follow-up, Ghost Town.'

Kelsy spoke to CLASH about her latest musical offering, Catch Me If You Can.

She said:' Catch Me If You Can is about that time I killed the love of my life. I broke up with my boyfriend and he told me that he died inside.

'I I destroyed someone I love very much. And it took me back to that feeling I described in God Knows I've Tried. Where I'm always painted as the bad girl. I felt like a criminal.'

It also appears as though Kelsy is a Styles fan through and through as the first post on her Instagram page is a video from one of his concerts. 

Harry's usually a big fan of fan tattoos. 

Back in 2016, one of his superfans asked him to write down his fave Florence And The Machine lyrics, so that she could get them tattooed at a later stage. 

The star has himself got lots of inkings across his body. 


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