Kevin Spacey Gets Sentenced to pay a $30 Million Fine And Here is Why

Published November 24th, 2021 - 09:39 GMT
Spacey has largely retired from public life
Spacey has largely retired from public life
A court has ordered actor Kevin Spacey to pay more than $30 million in damages to the production company behind House of Cards

And according to a report published on Variety, a judge found Spacey guilty of breaching his contract by violating MRC's policy against sexual harassment.


The production company cut ties with the actor in 2017 and also canceled a season of the series in light of several allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey, so Spacey and his co-stars will also have to pay $1.2 million (£898,014) in legal fees, and $235,000 ( 175,861 GBP) as additional costs.  

The petition against the representative reportedly states: "The arbitrator found that third-party witnesses were credible for what they said, and found the allegations against Spacey to be true, as the arbitrator found that Spacey's conduct constituted a material breach of his executive and representative agreements with MRC, and that his breaches excused the company's obligations. to pay him any additional compensation in connection with the series.”  

“The safety of our employees, groups, and work environments is of paramount importance to MRC and why we have set out to push for accountability,” the MRC said in a statement following the hearing.

Kevin Spacey and his attorneys did not respond to comment, according to the report. Variety".

Actor Anthony Rapp and another unnamed person sued Kevin Spacey for assault and battery in the 1980s when they were under 18.  The civil suit was filed in New York State Court in Manhattan.

Amid the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment of influencers, Rapp in October 2017, during an interview with BuzzFeed, accused Spacey of sexual misconduct in the same incident in 1986, saying that Spacey had tried to seduce him.  

Spacey, who has largely retired from public life after starring in films such as "American Beauty", could not be reached for comment.

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