Khaled Abul Naga Struts His Stuff on Screen and Stage

Published October 23rd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Young Egyptian actor Khaled Abul Naga is no stranger to the theater stage, has hosted TV shows, and has received many offers to strut his stuff on the big screen, according to the Arabic daily Al Sharq Al Awsat. 

After working for the Nile variety satellite channel as a program presenter, Abul Naga played a starring role in the film Liqaa (Meeting) directed by Ali Abdel Khaleq and Muwaten, as well as Mukhber Wa Harami (National, Detective and Thief) directed by Daoud Abdel Sayyed.  

The artist is gearing up to shoot his film Sahar Al Laiali (Waking Up at Night) under the direction of Hani Khalifah, along with Muna Zaki, Hanan Tork and Sherif Munir. 

Abul Naga considers his work as a program presenter as accidental, because he sees himself first and foremost as an actor.  

He perceives hosting TV shows as a special kind of acting, particularly in view of his need for experience in standing in front of the camera and performing well in order to attract the audience. 

“I use my experience in acting to diversify my performance styles and the form of the program I present, because I know that people like change and follow it,” said the young actor, adding that hosting was a mechanism for interaction with people.  

“This is in addition to expressing myself as one of the young men whose images are targeted by the satellite channels to convey to the audience,” added the actor, cited by the paper. 

Abul Naga admits that his beginnings in hosting TV shows were not easy, since he and his colleagues faced criticism for allegedly lacking dignity while working for the Nile Variety Channel.  

“This is notmal in a country like Egypt, where people hate change,” said the actor. 

The young presenter and actor rejected accusations against him of undermining media professionalism by coming to it from engineering and acting.  

“It is wrong for a person to turn down a job that he believes he can do,” said Abul Naga, adding that “more education and work enrich the mind and improve the quality of work.” 

Abul Naga stayed dormant for a year until he was offered the role of presenting the program Musicana along with Natali Mea’mari from Beirut. 

Being a young man, Abul Naga doesn't burn any bridges. He still participates in fashion shows at the rate of one per year. He also wants to study more.  

What interests him most, he told the paper, is to maintain a balance among these elements so that he will be able to live the way he wants – 

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