Text Your Ex This Song! Elissa Just Dropped Second Track From Upcoming Album, Entitled 'Krahni'

Published July 18th, 2018 - 01:47 GMT
'Krahni' is considered Elissa's brother Camil Khouri's first official music arrangement (Source: elissakh - Twitter)
'Krahni' is considered Elissa's brother Camil Khouri's first official music arrangement (Source: elissakh - Twitter)

Written by Zaid Bawab

'Queen of Sensation' Elissa just dropped the second song from her upcoming album titled 'Krahni' (Hate Me), and we can't but give that woman credit for the regret we are feeling after sending it to our exes last night.

Love her or hate her, Elissa is known to hit the right strings and make you want to live the mood and the lyrics of the song she is singing, so much sometimes to a point where you would want to dig deep into your past just to relate to the music. This song does exactly that and ensures the usual Elissa sound that some missed in the previous release "Ela Kol Elli Bihebbooni" (To Those who Love Me) is back.

The new 'ultimate ex' song certainly reminds of previous Elissa anthems like "Ya Rayt" (Hopefully), and "Fall El Haki" (Talk Stopped) yet seems to overcome both songs success already by trending on Twitter, with more than half million listens in less than two days, numerous shares and comments on the song, tweets from celebrities and even memes that overwhelmed Elissa herself (she tweeted she can not wrap her head around what is happening following the song's release).

With 'Krahni' that is written by Ali Al Mawla and composed by Fadel Suleiman and arranged by Elissa's own brother Camil Khoury, who seems to be the new Nasser Al Asaad whom Elissa has worked with before multiple times. Elissa proves that she still did not sing every love state, and defeats accusations of artistic insolvency.

The songs lyrics revolve around a monologue like state of a lover who does not want her ex back but wants him to be bothered by leaving her, and not wanting him to live what he had with her with someone else, which is an idea that has not been sung before, although it could be interpreted as the Arab equivalent of Adele's "Someone Like You.'

It gives Elissa another hit in her repertoire that is already packed with songs of love. This song will be remembered in the history of Arabic music and promises a new era in which Lebanese love songs will witness a power duo of a brother and sister, Elissa and Camil, uniting to create songs that are cautiously crafted with love and talent. The release will lead other divas to seriously consider their upcoming steps, as everything is appearing tiny next to a new Elissa release. 


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