Lady Gaga Reveals Her New Album is Called 'ADELE'

Published October 2nd, 2019 - 02:39 GMT
Gaga's last, and fifth, studio album was Joanne
Gaga's last, and fifth, studio album was Joanne
Fans have been waiting three years for the release of her sixth studio album. 

And Lady Gaga, 33, offered her Little Monsters a very confusing update, as she took to Twitter on Tuesday to claim: 'I’m calling my next album ADELE.'

While it was unclear whether the multi-talented star was joking or not, her fans were sent into disarray as some asked whether it was a new plan for her to see award season success, while others gushed over a potential 'collaboration.' 

There were some fans who weren't too sure about the supposed name of her new album name, as they shared the following theories:     

'Calling it adele so the general public will buy 3M+ copies first week thinking it’s actually adele. ugh her MIND.'

'Using adele’s name for clout so ur song debuts top 50. good promo i guess.'

'So, Lady Gaga announced that she was pregnant with LG6, then she tweeted “f” and it could be the genre of the baby and now she wrote that the name of the new album is “Adele”. What if Adele is a new alter ego?'

'Is Gaga naming her album Adele so it'll get all the Grammy's or-.'





'What if at next year's Grammy awards Adele and Gaga are both up for Album of the Year and the presenter announces the winner as "ADELE" and no one knows if he means the winning album or artist and both women stand at the same time to accept and there is chaos.'

However, other fans came to the conclusion that the Born This Way hitmaker's tweet meant that she would be doing a collaboration with the Rolling In The Deep songstress.  

'Can you imagine how glorious the collaboration between these two majestic women would be? uuuhhh

'If lady Gaga tweeted that for no reason and she doesn’t actually do a song with Adele... I swear...

'Adele & Gaga pretty much sitting together HIGH as a kite and trolling us .. Oscar winning Legends ONLY.'

A collaboration between the two may not be too far-fetched, as in a previous interview with Stylist, Gaga - real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - gushed: 'Adele is larger than me, how come no person says something about it? 

'She’s so great and I believe her confidence is one thing I’ve to match. She has set the bar very excessive for lots of ladies,' she concluded. 

Gaga's last, and fifth, studio album was Joanne, which came out October 21, 2016, spawning three singles in Perfect Illusion, Million Reasons and Joanne.

Bloodpop is the producer currently collaborating with Gaga on her new album, and he helped with production on multiple previous songs including Million Reasons and Perfect Illusion.

Gaga confirmed that she is working on the album with a cheeky tweet in response to ongoing rumours that she is pregnant back in March. 

'Rumors I’m pregnant? Yeah, I’m pregnant with #LG6,' she wrote.


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