Lara Scandar: The Selena Gomez lookalike who Shakes It Off like Taylor Swift!

Published May 4th, 2017 - 10:03 GMT
We have a secret girl crush on Lara! (Instagram)
We have a secret girl crush on Lara! (Instagram)

If there is one thing that the world has identified Taylor Swift with it is her squad of fierce women who stand firmly and sassily against sexism and boyfriend drama. 

Well, let us tell that we found the Middle Eastern version of T Swift and she perfectly fits her entourage of successful and gorgeous friends (from Bad Blood); it’s none other than Egyptian singer Lara Scandar.

She, much like Swift, has evolved musically pretty much the same way. Taylor Swift transformed from a country girl that sang about pickup trucks and Tim McGraw to a full-fledged pop star that gets us to Shake It Off. The same could be said about Scandar as she turned from an innocent chick to a badass woman that don’t need no man.

The prodigy child of Star Academy and Egypt’s cutest songstress has been known for her Westernized music genre.

Yesterday was the second time that we felt that Scandar has been completely shape-shifting in a world full of classic and expected songs. The new music video Khalas, Khalas is just another reason we love Scandar’s unique style.

We can’t help but feel that the actual title is inspired by We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and that the actual video is very I Knew You Were Trouble-like. Her Lebanese dialect, along with lyrics that describe every strong independent woman who has no time for lover nonsense are our favorite new things.

Watch your new breakup song below: 

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