Latifa signs officially with Warner

Published April 10th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

During a recent visit to the French Capital Paris, prominent Tunisian singer Latifa signed a contract with the world-renowned production company Warner to be in charge of distributing her works in France and the world. Latifa had also finished recording a new single with Warner to be distributed worldwide next may. 


Previously Latifa had signed a contract with world production company Universal back in 1999, through Universal Latifa had produced her hit album [Inshallah] and topped the pops for a long period of time in the Arab world and universally. The album was the talk of the French media including the French magazine Elle and the French TV channel TV5 and many others. 


Latifa is currently in Beirut where she is preparing to be the guest of the program [Jar al-Amar] on [Fan] TV channel, which is part of Orbit channels. 


Previously, extensive negotiations took place between Latifa and the music production company Rotana, as the latter is trying extra hard to add the singer to its long list of singers. Officials at Rotana felt that Latifa has achieved success in her career and would be an asset to the company. It was revealed that most issues between the two sides have been agreed on and the possibility of a final contract is on the way.  


Latifa has made a special and private visit to internationally-known Nobel Prize Winner Tunisian novelist Najib Mahfouz at his home in Tunisia to celebrate his birthday. Latifa presented Najib with a very special gift, which was the holy Koran in silver. Najib presented the singer with a special book written by Dr. Ahmad Mursi, which tackles Mahfouz's most memorable writings and his journey in life. Mahfouz asked for a special request from Latifa, which was to sing a part of her famous song "Al Masri" (The Egyptian). While Latifa was singing, Mahfouz expressed his deep appreciation of her voice and told her that he becomes very happy when he hears her sing.  


Najib noted to Latifa that she should encounter another acting experience, after her first with Egyptian director Yousef Shahin was very successful. He then went on and asked her to sing a collection of old songs.– 

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