Law & Order: Egypt - Sherine Abdel Wahab saved by the gavel for a while longer

Published October 1st, 2014 - 10:11 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

It's all up in the air between Sherine Abdel Wahab and Sharif Muneer! The pair have been at it for months now as they continue to argue over who insulted who in a fight over "leaking water."

Muneer wasn't about to let Sherine's shameful behaviour go that easily, so he filed a lawsuit against her when she refused to remove her trash, which she "respectfully" placed outside of his front door, and swore at him in front of his family and neighbors.

The first hearing was due to take place on September 27 at Al Janh Court, however, the hearing has been postponed until Oct 18 to further examine the parties' evidence.

A few weeks ago, Sherine broke her silence about the ongoing drama by saying, "I did not wish for matters to reach the point it did between me and a colleague and to have my image ruined in such a way in front of people and in the media by Muneer. Muneer went as far as posting the phone messages between us on his social network pages and even posted my private phone number. I say to him that this is not right and he should not have acted in such a way as an actor he should know that posting the personal number of a celebrity is a big no no."

She added, "I received very insulting messages on my phone from fans of Muneer, who also cursed me using words that cannot be repeated, in addition, some of his fans sent me messages that were very rude calling me names."

Sherine said, "The truth of the matter is that my air conditioning unit in my apartment had a malfunction and water was dripping in Muneer's apartment because of it an act that is unintentional on my part. The incident angered Muneer and I asked him if he could get a technician out to help fix the problem but he refused. The situation worsened when he raised his voice at me and at first I let it pass, but when he began aggravating me I told him 'If you come up to my place I will break your leg', but I never threw trash or even a piece of marble from my apartment as he claimed for my apartment does not have marble."

The songstress said that many of their friends have jumped in and also attempted to intervene and resolve the drama between them, but every time Muneer gave one statement, "I do not want to reconcile."

Oct 18 shall reveal all!

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