Lebanon is Suffering: Nancy Ajram Opens up About Her Country

Published August 15th, 2021 - 02:06 GMT
Ajram recently released Nancy 10
Ajram recently released Nancy 10
Nancy Ajram Opens up About Lebanon

Nancy Ajram expressed her great sadness over what her country Lebanon is going through at the present time.

Noting that we are missing the most basic elements of a decent life and live in a place that no longer resembles us, stressing that Lebanon is tormented and not well.

And on her Twitter account, Nancy wrote: "We are a people whose heart and life was greater, and today we are the same people.''

Nancy added: "I have faith that after the darkness there is light, otherwise this tunnel will not end so that the country that I dreamed of returns to me, and I named it Habib Al-Omar for the end of life."

"And yes, we say we are because I am from these people and the daughter of this land, the pain of the homeland is my pain, and the fear of every mother for the future of her children is my fear, but I will not allow the flame of hope in my heart to be extinguished under any circumstances, even if what happened."

Meanwhile, Ajram, expressed her great happiness with the reactions to her new album, ''Nancy 10'', which she recently released, saying that all she wants is to enjoy music and spread love.

The album included 10 songs between the Egyptian, Lebanese, and Gulf dialects, including "Salamat, Yama, O people, tell me, blame and blame, don't apologize, Ali Shank, come together and life." .


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