Lily Allen Insists Lesbian Sex Doesn't Mean 'Cheating'!

Published September 21st, 2018 - 06:25 GMT
(Lily Allen/ instagram)
(Lily Allen/ instagram)

Lily Allen has revealed she didn't view sleeping with prostitutes as 'cheating' because the escorts were women.

The singer, 33, who was married to businessman Sam Cooper at the time, recalled deciding to bed the prostitutes during a booze and drug-fuelled night on tour because she wanted 'sexual gratification'.

'I was in hotel rooms and was feeling quite lonely and had been drinking a lot,' she explained in scenes set to air on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday.

She added: 'Usually drugs and alcohol seem to sustain something in me and it didn't feel like anything was working any more. 

'I'd just been reading a book about addiction and shame and it introduced me to the idea of sex addiction, so I thought, "Why not give this a go?"

'It was a low point and this part of the book I'm really not glamorising it in any way, shape or form… It is sad. It is really sad.'

Jonathan asked her if she was looking for 'companionship, sexual gratification or just not to be alone' and Lily responded: 'A bit of all of the above. And curiosity. And because it was a woman I felt like it wasn't cheating. I was bonkers.'

'So you were drinking and using substances at that time?' Jonathan probed.

She admitted: 'Probably, I can't even remember, I just remember the cash running out and her being like "Time is up" and me being like, "Okay I'm going to the cash point!" I had to go to about four different machines.'

Lily has admitted she met the escorts in 2014 around the time she released her album Sheezus and was suffering from post-natal depression after the birth of her second daughter Marnie a year earlier. 

She was also experiencing marital trouble and split from Sam in 2016 after five years of marriage.

As well as her lesbian romp, the Smile hitmaker dished details about her dad, actor Keith Allen, in her new tell-all autobiography. 

But she confessed that Keith was left fuming when she claimed he'd suffered a 'cocaine-induced heart attack' at Glastonbury festival when she was 13 - when really it was acute food poisoning.  

Lily confessed: 'I got quite a cross text from him this weekend. There was a big piece [in the press] and he texted me, "Err cocaine induced heart attack at Glastonbury. Wow." 

'And I said, "Sorry that's what I thought… I'm really sorry if I got that wrong but that's how I remembered it and you never explained it to me in any other way so that's what I wrote" and he said, "Well that's not true." 

'And I said, "I'm really really sorry if I got that wrong, what was it?" And he said, "Acute food poisoning".'

On her bond with her dad, she added: 'I was close with him and in my teenage years I really wanted to forge a relationship with him so I used to go and watch Fulham play every Saturday with him and his mates and things were really good at a certain point.' 

Allen also touched on how she thinks her daughters Marnie, five, Ethel, six, will perceive her book, admitting that it will be a 'tough read'.

'My kids are going to have Google search to their disposal so I thought actually the book, even though it's a tough read and it will be a tough read for them, it'll make sense of all the rubbish they are going to read.'

Elsewhere on the show, Lily recalled how people would tell her she looked 'amazing' when she was just seven stone and battling bulimia. 

She explained that she suffered with body confidence early on in her career because she was dubbed 'normal-looking' - which prompted her to diet severely and get praised for her slimmer appearance. 

'When I did first start and came onto the scene there was a lot of talk about body positivity and I was a normal looking girl and wasn't that great,' she recalled.

'Actually that's not really the nicest thing to read about yourself at that age, to be told that you're "normal looking" and unextraordinary. 

'So I did start to not eat and I became bulimic and low and behold I became 7 and a half, 8 stone and I'd walk into parties and people would be like "Oh my God you've never looked so amazing" so that was quite hard to figure out.'

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