Listen, Beyonce: Kim Kardashian Has Her Babies, Too

Published June 18th, 2017 - 11:00 GMT
Probably what Kim Kardashian looked like Tweeting. (E! Network)
Probably what Kim Kardashian looked like Tweeting. (E! Network)

Listen: we all know the Kardashians thrive on attention the way mere mortals thrives on air. But announcing you’ve brought a pair of puppies into your household following Beyonce's own announcement regarding the pair of bey-beys she's just birthed does seem a bit, well...

Not subtle.

Which is what Kim Kardashian did.

Which won’t help clear-up those rumours that things between Beyonce and Kim aren’t exactly kosher. Like how Beyoncé spent Kim’s wedding posting selfies, very much not at the wedding. You know: subtext.

Or maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with Beyonce. Maybe Kim Kardashian has suddenly and inexplicably developed a love for dogs, despite her continual rejection of them on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We all have the occasional epiphany. Maybe Kardashian had one about mutts.

Or maybe reality TV stars are immature and petty. Who knows.

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