Lm3allem Saad Lamjarrad Releases Single 'Salam'.. Did He Offend Amazigh Heritage? 

Published October 23rd, 2019 - 11:12 GMT
Some objected to showing Amazigh culture in this way Source saadlamjarred1 Instagram
Some objected to showing Amazigh culture in this way (Source: @saadlamjarred1 Instagram)

Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarrad just released a new song "Salam" reflecting the Amazigh heritage, creating a split between fans.

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Lamjarrad tried depict a modern Amazigh look, but his use of big earrings and accessories bothered some viewers, while others were impressed by the unusual folklore.

Saad was accused of adapting an older song by a local band that features Ahouach (an Amazigh dance from southern Morocco), performed by young artist Hicham Talmoudi in 2015.

Some wondered whether the composer of Saad's song "Tizav Mohsen" had requested permission to use that passage from the owner of the original song.

Some objected to his twist on the Amazigh culture, considering it cultural appropriation. They comented on Saad's inclusion of English words in his mashup, and demoting the heritage through dancing that appears in the background of the video clip.

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