The magic of onscreen kissing: Yousra says there's nothing sexual about it!

Published October 7th, 2015 - 01:31 GMT
Yousra Kisses Adel Imam in their film "Boboos." (YouTube)
Yousra Kisses Adel Imam in their film "Boboos." (YouTube)

Awkward is an understatement when it comes to filming intimate scenes in movies or TV series!

With a large crew surrounding the actors on set, it takes real professionalism and balls (no pun intended) to make kissing or sex scenes seem as passionate and believable as they would in real life.

But Egyptian actress Yousra is no stranger to the feeling. Over the years, she's had her fair share of hot onscreen kisses and she isn't shy to "kiss and tell" about them!

A film scene shows Yousra kiss fellow Egyptian actor Adel Imam. (YouTube)

In an interview with Egyptian TV host Wafaa al Kilani, Yousra opened up about the technicalities of smooching on set!

The 60-year-old cougar told Wafaa that all onscreen kisses are "real," except "they lack any emotions and fail to arouse any sexual feelings in an actor."

She explained that with over 200 eyes on her, while in the same instant trying to figure out the best profile, pose and direction to look in, it's almost impossible for an onscreen kiss to arouse any feelings in her.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the best kisser of them all?

Nonetheless, guess who got to kiss Yousra more times than her hubby actor Khaled Selim? Comedian actor Adel Imam, who starred in 17 movies with her, including "Clever, Yet Stupid," "Al Mawlid" and "Humans and Jinn."

According to the starlet, she shares tons of onscreen chemistry with Imam, which we think helps when they have to lock lips.

But it was veteran actor Hussein Fahmy who missed out on all the fun. Yousra joked that, ironically, their film "A Kiss and a Thousand Kisses," didn't have a single snog in it! Talk about "false advertising"!

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