Mahmoud Qabil Qests For Cinderella

Published July 24th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian artist Mahmoud Qabil is shooting his scenes in the drama series Al Nujoom La Tahjeb Al Shams (Stars Do Not Cover the Sun) along with Nawal Abu Al Futooh, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, Hanan Shawqi and Hisham Abdulla, under the direction of Ayman Ebeis. The series, scripted by Yousef Allam, is based on Nabil Ragheb’s story by the same name.  

Qabil told the UAE daily Al Bayan, “the series is about a trainer in a musical troupe for pop arts, which offers performances to the public under the leadership of Amir Hilmi, whose character I play.  

“The performances continue, but Amir wants to stage Cinderella, so he continues to look for the star to play this role.  

“Many girls apply for the role, and he finally sees one the troupe members, Sundos. Amir decides that she is the only girl qualified to play the starring role. Sundos succeeds in the show and Amir subsequently falls in love with her, but he refuses to marry her because of her success. For her part, Sundos announces in front of the audience that Amir is behind her success,” added the star - 

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