Mahmoud Yasin won't play second fiddle: peaces out of drama with Adel Imam

Published February 5th, 2014 - 01:50 GMT

Whoops! Makers of the drama "Sahib Al Saadah" (His Excellency) began nominating a replacement for Mahmoud Yasin's role before he even officially resigned. The Egyptian actor was on the fence about whether to wtihdraw from the new TV show starring Adel Imam, but the powers that be jumped the gun and began the hunt for a substitute before he'd made his fnal decision.

The star was outraged to learn that he was already being replaced after disputes between him and the film makers about his portrayal as a secondary actor, not a leading one, which caused him to send out a press release finally announcing his wtihdrawal, even though he'd already been filming the drama for two days.

Mahmoud wrote, "Greetings and my respect to all those that love and are a fan Egyptian and Arab drama, it was previously stated in the press that I was to be part of the cast of the new drama "Sahib Al Saadah" for renowned writer Yousif Al Maati, direction of Rami Jalal and production of 'Sinirji'. I had in fact began filming some of my scenes in the drama with hopes of presenting a project that is of the highest standards and meets the expectations of viewers around the Arab world and brings happiness to them, despite the harsh conditions currently taking place in the region. It gives me great sorrow that disputes over differences of opinions surfaced between me and the makers of the drama regarding the nature of filming. We all tried to resolve the matter as one family and treat the issue, but were unsuccessful in doing so leading me to break my contract. I leave the drama on good terms with everyone and wish the cast and crew a successful endeavor."

With his decision, Mahmoud will no longer be making his way onto our Ramadan screens as most dramas have already made their final selection of stars, and Khaled Zaki has taken his place on set "His Excellency".

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