"Make it so", Emiratis! Sir Patrick Stewart honored as a Chivas Legend at Dubai dinner

Published December 9th, 2014 - 08:52 GMT

He’s the star of iconic series too numerous to mention. Merely a few include Star Trek: The Next Generation, X-Men, American Dad and that’s before we even get to his distinguished career with the Royal Shakespeare Company and years on the London stage.

Perhaps lesser known is Sir Patrick’s charity work. A patron of Amnesty International and Britain’s aid trust for abused women, Refuge, it was for his combined efforts in both fields that Chivas chose to honour the actor at its annual Legends Dinner held at the Armani Hotel, Dubai, on Sunday.

Typically the banquet is reserved solely for male guests, however this year, upon Sir Patrick’s insistence, it was opened up to both men and women.

My wife will be there for one thing,” he said when asked about his involvement with making the event unisex. “I felt I had to put the case forward and the organisers have been fantastic.

“It looks like it may become a feature from now on.”

Prior to this event Sir Patrick had only been to Dubai once before, for a couple of hours on a stopover from China back to England where he permanently resides. He said that the chance to spend longer in the emirate was a big draw because his wife had never visited the region and, from what he saw during his previous layover, the city looked “amazing.”

Sir Patrick follows in the footsteps of two off-screen friends, Sir Ben Kingsley and Jeremy Irons, in accepting his place on the list of Chivas legends. Although, as is the case with the other two thespians, he wryly stated the term ‘legend’ may be a little premature.

“The idea of being a legend is a little discomforting because all the legends I know are dead! I’m looking forward to a few more years of activity.”

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