Mariah Carey Put Her Jaw-Dropping Curves on Display in Array of Revealing Lingerie

Published September 14th, 2018 - 12:03 GMT
Mariah Carey (Twitter)
Mariah Carey (Twitter)

Whoever broke her heart will be sorry after seeing this.

Mariah Carey put on a scintillating display in the new music video for her latest single, GTFO, released on Thursday.



The 49-year-old put her jaw-dropping curves on display in an array of revealing lingerie as she put a mystery unnamed lover on blast.

The vid sees Mariah left alone in a dark house, sipping on a few glasses of wine and dropping the NSFW lyrics of the title.

At one stage she is perched on the kitchen counter wrapped in a red fur boa, ignoring the sink as it overflows.

Moving to the living room, wine glass always following, she slips into even more revealing plunging black negligee, lamenting the 'unjustly handsome knight in shining armor' who let her down.

While she names no names, speculation is the songbird is taking furious aim at her former fiance, Australian billionaire James Packer - a relationship that exploded two years ago in legal fireworks.

GTFO, an acronym for Get The F*ck Out, dropped is the first single from the diva since the messy breakup.

Although sounding hushed and controlled, her lyrics take no prisoners.

'You take my love for granted / you left me lost and disenchanted / bulldozed my heart as if you planned it,' sings Carey , before repeating in the chorus 'How 'bout you get the f— out?'

GTFO is the first new music from Mariah since her last album was released four years ago. Critics say it sounds a lot tougher than the soaring romantic ballads that made her name in the 1990's.

Another single off the record, called With You, is scheduled for an October 5 release, reported People magazine.

Mariah and James became engaged in January 2016, but had broken up by October.

At the time there were reports that fissures opened due to Mariah's extravagant spending, which may have been related to her struggle with bi-polar issues.

Friends said money was not the biggest issue: Mariah's fortune has been pegged by Forbes magazine at north of $500 million and, they say, because of childhood hardships she works hard to live within her means.

Forbes said the due to poor investment choices and falling profits the Packer fortune had declined over the last decade from $6 billion to $3.8 billion in March 2017.

The Australian billionaire, who inherited much of his fortune from his late father Kerry Packer, the media mogul, threw salt in the wounds when he publicly declared that the relationship had been a 'mistake' for both sides.

In November 2017 James Packer paid Mariah a multi-million dollar settlement, in response to a lawsuit she pursued citing an 'inconvenience fee.'

So there are solid reasons why fans suspect GTFO might be about ejecting the burly playboy from her home - and her life.

Mariah has described GTFO as 'light hearted.'

Fans can make their own judgments after the video drops on Friday. It is directed by Sarah McColgan, who has worked with Charli XCX and Kelly Clarkson.

While the Australian may have helped inspire the first song from the forthcoming album, Mariah has long since moved on.

The singer with the five octave range, who has been married twice and has seven-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, is now dating a new beau who appears lighter on his feet.

He is Washington-born hip-hop dancer Bryan Kekoa Tanaka, 35, a former Nike model who previously toured with Madonna.

A friend recently described Bryan as 'good for Mariah, at last.'

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