Maroon 5 Release 'Memories' Music Video

Published October 9th, 2019 - 05:29 GMT
"Memories" is directed by David Dobkin
"Memories" is directed by David Dobkin
Maroon 5 is back with a new music video.  

The pop rock band released an emotional video Tuesday for its single "Memories."

The video features a close-up shot of Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine against a black background. Levine delivers a poignant performance as he reminisces about loved ones lost.  

"Here's to the ones that we got / Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not / 'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories / Of everything we've been through," he sings.  

"Memories" is directed by David Dobkin, who also directed Maroon 5's videos for "Sugar" and "Girls Like You."

Levine said Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the song is dedicated to his late friend and manager, Jordan Feldstein.  

"It's a heavy song. This incredible guy came to me with this song -- it was unfinished, but it was definitely about what it was going to be about already, which is loss and experiencing and suffering loss," the star said.  

"I had just gone through losing my manager and my best friend," he added.

"This song came to me at a very interesting time. I filled in the holes with the proper words that I thought would match the experience of what I had been going through."  

Feldstein, the brother of actors Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein, died at age 40 in December 2017.  

"I miss him every day, and this is, to me, the best possible way to tribute him," Levine said.  Maroon 5 released "Memories" in September.

The song is the group's first new original music since the album Red Pill Blues, released in November 2017.

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