Marwa enters the big screen

Published July 10th, 2006 - 03:48 GMT

Controversial Lebanese singer Marwa revealed that she will make her first debut onto the big screen through the upcoming Egyptian film “Haha and Tufaha”, alongside Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdul Aziz and Tal’at Zakaria.


Marwa will be performing a number of musical performances throughout the film. The film is written by Bilal Fadel and directed by Akram Fareed.


Recently, Marwa officially announced that she has nothing against Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi, while acknowledging that she did make a comment that Haifa is better fit to be a fashion model than a singer.


Marwa also stated that female singers imitate her unique style, only proving her success.


The relationship between Haifa and Marwa is known to be tense, especially since Marwa accused Haifa of imitating her, and that she even had several plastic surgeries done to try and look like Marwa.


Haifa had accused Marwa of stealing the idea of her music video ‘Rajab.’


Haifa claims that she filmed her song “Rajab” wearing an Egyptian Jalabia, traditional dress, long before Marwa filmed her clip “Sheel Eedak” (Take Your Hand Off), in which she is also wearing a Jalabia.


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