Disturbingly good looking May Hariri snubs fellow stars

Published October 18th, 2012 - 01:30 GMT
Is May Hariri the best looking celeb?
Is May Hariri the best looking celeb?

Now, we know that celebs in the Arab world like the look of their own reflections but this week Lebanese singer May Hariri has taken things one step further by saying that she finds her 'excessive beauty' disturbing. 

May reportedly said that she considers herself to be the most beautiful Arab star. And, getting her claws stuck into many of our favorite surgically enhanced celeb beauties, she said that her looks come naturally…with just a little help from the stud in her nose of course. 

In the war of beauty May holds no punches, lashing out at many of the Arab world's female heavy-hitters. In an interview with Al Jaheed, May said that Haifa Wehbe might have a pretty face but her figure is nothing to shout about, whilst Maya Diab is too tall and has no feminine characteristics.

And she didn't stop there - leaving no female star unscrutinized, May is said to have branded Myriam Fares as too short and Nancy Ajram as merely cute. 

But, it's not easy being beautiful - poor May claims that she is always the envy of friends and colleagues, with some people going as far as wanting to sabotage her good looks. 

The songstress attempted to justify her comments by saying that despite marrying young and having children she has managed to keep her looks. 

Unsurprisingly, fans of the snubbed stars see a catfight on the horizon!


Tell us what you think. Is May Hariri the best look of the Arab celebs? Or is she just the best of a bad bunch? Do let us know!

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