Maya Diab's parental approval! "My daughter should have sex before marriage"

Published November 28th, 2013 - 07:54 GMT
Maya Diab wants to win the title of "Most Controversial Star 2013." (Image: Facebook)
Maya Diab wants to win the title of "Most Controversial Star 2013." (Image: Facebook)

So y'all know by now that Maya Diab got some pre-marital action in herself (and is on record for coming out the virginal closet). But now she's taking her scandalous antics one step further and letting her permissive nature pass down to the celebrity daughter. Yes, she's on file for saying that 'Kay' is free to have sex before marriage!

Speaking of marriage, some people just love to mess around with Maya Diab's love-life, but she never gives those press-hounds the satisfaction of proving them right! 

Although the Lebanese hottie's marriage has forever been rumored to be on the rocks, she's finally got herself on the mending wagon and is recently reported to have jetted off to Italy for a romantic getaway with her hubby.

According to Tayyar news, Maya said in an interview that if her husband were to cheat on her she would feel it in her gut, and she would in turn cheat on him then leave him and never look back. I wouldn't cross her if I were him!

Apparently, once a page is closed in Maya's life, she never reopens it again. And that ladies & gentlemen is a good book to live by!

Mom's green light!

Speaking of family, the bold mamma added that she wouldn't mind her daughter having sex out of wedlock when she's older, just like Maya and her hubby did, as that would theoretically bring her closer to the person she chose to be with for life. Yes for real, her words, not ours!

That's quite the turn-up for the books-- a firebrand, pioneering mother-daughter relationships in the Middle East! Maybe for some, not quite the ideal role model for girls in the conservative ME...

But controversy is Maya's fuel, and she's urging her FB fans to vote her as the “Most Controversial Performer” and “Best Performer” as part of the OTV Awards 2013.

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