Meet Drum and Bass Artist Goddard in His Interview With Albawaba

Published May 28th, 2021 - 04:08 GMT
Goddard's Drum and Bass  Anthem 'Nicotine' Craving the Long Awaited Return of the Festival
Goddard's Drum and Bass Anthem 'Nicotine' Craving the Long Awaited Return of the Festival-Art work by Al Bawaba's Rami Khoury
Albawaba got the chance to get to know and interview Brtish Drum and Bass artist Goddard.

by Alexandra Abumuhor

The musical artist recently released a new single 'Nictoine' which relies on clever build-ups, strong instrumental sections and stripped-down verses. 

Even though the producer has only joined the DnB scene almost a year ago, he has amassed more than a million streams on Spotify and had his original music and remixes previously played across BBC Radio 1’s Rene La Vice and Kiss FM.

Our team at Albawaba Entertainment conducted an interview with the producer, where he revealed his inspirations, goals, and future achievements.

Being an artist on the rise, what inspired you to start your music career?

My initial inspiration into becoming a DJ was by attending raves during my teens and the admiration I had for the DJs who performed.

It instigated a passion to do the same thing, in doing so I then realised that DJing was not going to be enough to make a living, so I began learning how to produce music on a programme called Reason which was based on analogue hardware; fast forward 7 years later and countless hours of production and I've started to get my name out there.

What were the support platforms that helped you develop your skills as a producer?

It started with YouTube tutorials (when I first started) but after a while, you begin to realise that there are so many different ways to approach particular problems when producing music, it was when I stepped away from YouTube and started experimenting solely by myself that I began to learn more!


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The producer went on to explain the story behind his inspiration, and the reason his work is special and unique.

What makes your work unique and different from other electronic producers/musicians?

That's a tricky one, for me I'm making music now because it's therapeutic, two years ago I lost someone very close to me and since having her been taken away it has influenced my music to no end.

Before I was very technically driven, DNB is very technical music to produce and for years I've concentrated more on that part rather than the actual writing part, today however, I think much more about the writing and arrangement side, like I said before... I find it therapeutic as it helps me grieve in a manner which isn't self destructive, by doing this I'm able to express myself about something that is negative, in a positive manner.

How do you aim to bridge the gap between underground Drum and Bass and mainstream dance music? And is that your only aim in your rising career?

I myself used to fall into the trap of 'underground vs mainstream' when I was in my teens, as I've grown up I now appreciate different influences in music.

For example, I hardly listen to DNB because I'm always making it, I love my Jazz, Blues, Funk, Downtempo, Ambient - these are all influences which help harness my sound.

I think it's important to keep things interesting and don't get too set in your ways, keep the audience on their toes and also give yourself challenges! It's important to keep it interesting and everyone has their own individual way of doing this.

I don't have an aim other than to keep myself and the people on the dancefloor happy.


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''Nicotine'' already has more than 523K streams on Spotify in less than a month, is it your most proud of Track?

Every release I do I want to try and excel myself from the previous release, I think it's good to challenge yourself, otherwise how are you supposed to progress? I had the pleasure of playing it for the first time at Bristol and hearing people cheer was a very humbling experience so I am very excited to see the response where all the COVID restrictions are dropped here in the UK.

You spent time in lockdown to work on your music and approach ongoing projects in a unique manner, channeling creative flows, did the lockdown help your career rise more? and did it help you learn more about your musical talents?

It definitely helped because it was the first time ever that I was able to give it my full time attention, I've always tried to balance other projects whilst conjunctively doing music and clearly it wasn't working!

This time round it was all music and it enabled me to hone in on my sound, the musical side talent was also something which it helped benefit from because before I assumed that because I wasn't musically trained then I can't write music, but this just isn't the case... Music is a feeling and anyone can project a feeling into their music, it may not sound the best first time round (sure) but don't let it dishearten you because there's always something there worth hearing!


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Since you are currently wrapping up an exclusive New Zealand tour, what is the thing you are most looking forward to on this tour?

So NZ was an incredible experience, beautiful scenery with very calm and polite people who made me feel very welcome. At the start of the tour I found it very overwhelming to be honest, like many others in the UK we'd been in lockdown for a long time, isolated and not talking to many folks so when it went from a lockdown to a two week quarantine on your own in a hotel then to playing in front a 1200 people in Auckland the very day I was allowed freedom from isolation... It was a lot, but it was also a memory I'll never ever forget and after a third or fourth mix the nerves dropped and I loved it!!

What makes your ‘Nicotine’ Track Unique?

''Urmmmm well I'd have to say the different musical influences in it I suppose, it has ambient based atmospherics/scapes with liquid breaks and rock inspired vocal so it's quite an eclectic range of genres all put into on track'.'

''But this is why I love making DNB because it's so versatile, you can make a DNB track work with so many different genres of music, endless boundaries that we as producers love to push.''

Do you seek an emotional approach in your tracks? Does your music help you deal with unfortunate and tough times?

'''Absolutely, I won't go into full detail as I don't want to come across morbid, but yes, it does it make me able to deal with the loss of someone very close to me in a way which is positive, she was always my biggest supporter in music and was always brutally honest which I valued so much. I miss her everyday but by me doing Music and gaining success I know it would have made her proud and in essence this makes me feel happy.''

''The chords and emotion which I put into my music are very much influenced by her, before tracks like Player, Propsa and Nicotine I was making very deep liquid tracks which will probably never see the light of day haha! But it's all one massive journey and I'm learning everyday!''

Where else in the world have you performed and where would you like to perform next? Is the Middle East on your map?

I would love to perform in the Middle East!! Unfortunately, I don't have any dates there lined up currently but if the opportunity was to come then I certainly love to go! Come the end of July I have a UK tour with DNB All Stars with over 15 dates across the UK including Warehouse Project and Printworks which will be a debut for me and I'm excited for the experience.

Would you like to share a message with listeners in the Middle East?

I hope to come perform there one day and meet many more like minded DNB enthusiasts, if we put it out into the Universe it will happen! I will see you all very soon :D

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