Menna Shalabi has newfound respect for TV dramas

Published September 1st, 2013 - 08:52 GMT
Menna Shalabi is happy with her success on Friendly Fires. (Image: Facebook)
Menna Shalabi is happy with her success on Friendly Fires. (Image: Facebook)

Menna Shalabi is a young talented Egyptian actress who, over time, we got used to seeing in a variety of successful films.

However, this year we saw her in the Ramadan drama “Niraan Sadeeqa” (Friendly Fires), which, surprise surprise, was another hit for Menna.

Although she's an experienced actress, Menna admitted that acting in a TV drama is so much more exhausting than that of being in a film.

Menna said that being in a series requires so much dedication in terms of time and effort, meaning she's unable to come out with more than one drama in a year, unlike taking part in several movies within the same timeframe.

The successful actress did express her happiness at the success of Friendly Fires, and noted that during the long working sessions with the show's writer and director, she never encountered any disputes with them or with the show's cast for that matter.

As for sharing the limelight with fellow actors, Menna had absolutely no problem with being in the drama which saw her in a shared leading role with a number of other actors. She said that her character portrayed her in a different light to her fans and added tremendously to her achievements as an actress.

The star was rumored to have had a falling out with her fellow cast members, actresses Kinda Alloush and Rania Yousif; but Menna dismissed the false claims, stating that her relationship with the ladies has never been better and those rumors were made up to cause friction between them.

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