Did Milhim Barakat give Assad a special shout-out?

Published August 21st, 2012 - 08:26 GMT
It wasn't me! Milhim Barakat
It wasn't me! Milhim Barakat

Earlier this month, Lebanese legendary singer Milhim Barakat gave a performance in Batroun. It was a hit by all accounts but now the star is mired in controversy after reports leaked that he gave a special shout-out to hated Syrian president, Bashar al Assad at the show.

Milhim's press office has stirred into action and released an official denial that any such tribute happened but something doesn't add up. Milhim's men say the concert was recorded throughout and the tapes show the singer made no reference to the Syrian president at all. But there were plenty of reporters at the show and the rumors persist. 

According to the official statement from the singer's management, Milhim paid tribute to the Syrian people as a whole and prayed that God give them patience, peace and stability, adding that what is taking place in Syria affects everyone in Lebanon. 


Do you think Milhim is a secret Assad supporter? Or will the tapes prove he's been wrongly accused? Tell us what you think below.

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