You're killing me, Khaled! Mina Shalabi among the many celebs angry with Youssef

Published November 27th, 2013 - 10:33 GMT
Khaled Youssef and Mina Shalabi are so not on the same page about civilians in court!
Khaled Youssef and Mina Shalabi are so not on the same page about civilians in court!

Egyptian actors and filmmakers are all in uproar over Khaled Youssef’s inability to keep legislation from passing that has civilians be tried at military court. Despite his previous opposition and demands that military court should only concern military personal due to the fact that it is considered unjust and too harsh for civilians, Khaled's participation in the consitiution committee did not include him preventing this legislation from passing.

Egyptian actress Mina Shalabi made some waves signing a petition that Khaled’s stance doesn’t represent her. She was joined by a plethora of other celebs like Amro Waked, Mohammad Khan, Hala Lutfi, Mariam Naoum, Nadine Khane, and more.

The petition titled "Khaled Youssef...Not on our behalf" stressed that the stars are a part of the Egyptian society and completely against putting civilians under military trial. Instead they are for freedom of the people and will fight injustice.

The stars were shocked and let down by Khaled’s position because of how hard the Egyptian people have protested against injustice during two revolutions. Continuing to have civilians stand in military court carries on injustice for the mere fact that they cannot be represented by a lawyer.

Reports had it that a number of civilians were put to military trial without informing their families or lawyers and were sentenced unfairly.  It was added that many people have been tortured by the military.

Actor Amro Waked took to Facebook with his outrage, writing, "There is no personal dispute with Khaled Youssef, but I strongly oppose his stance at approving to have civilians stand in a military court, he should have opposed."

Waked questioned why a new legislation was being introduced to have civilians tried in a military court and how can such legislation support the demands of people to live in a democratic and free country.

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