Modernizing Islam? Madonna shocks with latest pic wearing chainmail Niqab

Published July 13th, 2013 - 07:30 GMT
What could this mean? Madonna in chain-mail Muslim niqab. (Image: Facebook)
What could this mean? Madonna in chain-mail Muslim niqab. (Image: Facebook)

American pop sensation Madonna needs no introduction. She’s known as the “Material Girl” and has gotten us used to seeing her in outrageous and controversial looks and scenarios throughout the years.

But this time the Queen of Pop was not wearing fishnet spandex with her chacha out on display. Neither was she touting a gun in one of her violent photo shoots.

Nope! Madonna posted a pic from her latest photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar magazine wearing what looks like a chainmail niqab - a face veil worn by Muslim women.  

The pix were posted, by her, on Instagram and Facebook, accompanied by the words: “The Revolution of Love is on…Inshallah [Arabic for 'God willing'].”  What in the world could that mean? 

Maybe the singer, director philanthropist director and designer is now taking a new role on: Political Messenger? 

Although no one knows the real reason behind the pic and its caption, comments from fans and followers of Madonna have ranged from rejection, support and wonderment. 

According to the British newspaper, The Independent, Madonna’s “enthusiasts" have interpreted the chainmail mask as a message of empowerment to women. 

But one Instagram user said: “You think this message is empowering to women?...If this was a woman who really wanted to empower other females she could do this in many other ways…When did gagging women make them feel good?”

But others thought that the singer could be insulting Muslim women by implying that they’re oppressed by their religion.

Whatever the mystery behind the photo is we’re sure savvy-minded Madonna has a good reason behind it.

What do you guys think this pic means?

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