A kiss on the hand is... inappropriate? Fans fuming after Mohammad Abdo is caught hand-kissing Asala

Published January 30th, 2014 - 09:53 GMT

Hey, we all know that Syrian singer Asala is a HUGE fan of legendary Saudi singer Mohammad Abdo - So are we, Asala. We also know that hand-kissing is a gesture indicating courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or even devotion by a man towards a woman universally!

well, not according to Abdo’s fans it’s not! The legend recently appeared on Asala’s TV show “Soula.” Although the episode is yet to be aired, behind-the-scenes photos leaked Online showed an over-the-moon Asala kissing Abdo’s hand, and him returning the gesture.

According to Sayidaty.net, almost immediately after the photos were leaked, Abdo’s fans bombarded him with criticism over his “inappropriate” behaviour, and questioned why he would do “such a thing” in the first place.  

In return, Mohammad made an exclusive statement to Sayidaty.net saying: “Asala is very dear to me, and as a sign of respect from her she kissed my hand. That is her way of welcoming me into her home, which is where her show is filmed. In return, it is only proper that I pay her the same respect and kiss her hand back. God has asked us to respect others with the same way they respect us.”

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