Mona Zaki condemns Tahrir Square rapists and brands them "animals"

Published June 12th, 2014 - 11:53 GMT

Egyptian celebrities and people worldwide are outraged by the tragic incident which took place in Cairo's Tahrir Square during the inauguration ceremony of Egyptian President Al Sisi over the weekend.

The incident involved a woman being fully stripped and gang raped while celebrating Sisi's win. Other women were sexually harassed at the same event.

According to Elaph news, Egyptian actress Mona Zaki was utterly disgusted by the horrific incident and tweeted saying: "To those male animals - with all due respect to animals - if you can’t keep 'it' in your pants, it should be chopped off instead."

Meanwhile, Egyptian director Amro Salama had a different point of view! The director suggested that the only solution to the rising number in rapes and sexual harassment in the streets of Egypt is to legislate a new law allowing prostitution to a certain, acceptable degree. Say what?!

He explained that such laws would allow sexually-deprived men to fulfil their sexual desires without having to resort to raping innocent women.

However, Amro's suggestion was met with fierce criticism from Islamists who accused him of encouraging adultery, while others found his suggestion logical.

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