The most ruthless campaign against Haifa Wahbi

Published May 6th, 2006 - 01:50 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa singer Haifa Wahbi is currently being attacked with the most ruthless campaign by her own baby sister Rola.


Rola had made several comments to a number of Arabic magazines saying that she deeply regrets being the younger sister of Haifa, saying that Haifa abused her physically and verbally. Rola added that her sister had on several occasions reported her to the police.


Rola also claimed that Haifa has a very strange personality and is a jealous person especially from other singers like Nancy Ajram, Alissa, and Rula Saed, and forbids her family from watching or listening to any of their music.


On her part, Haifa increased her accusations towards her younger sister stressing that she is mentally unstable and is seeking psychiatric help. Haifa also expressed her disappointment at the relationship between her and her sister and said that despite all that is said she hopes her sister is healed from her mental illness.


Recently, Moroccan officials rejected a request by Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi to hold a charity concert for HIV research.


After submitting a request for permission to enter the country, Haifa was surprisingly denied. The European sponsor of the event was forced to relocate the concert to Tunisia, where Haifa is allowed to perform. The purposed concert will take place on April 10.


On a different note, Wahbi has joined the ‘British Breast Friend Association’ that will sell personal photographs of several international stars worldwide. 


Proceeds go directly to support women with breast cancer. Haifa visited London on March 15 for a special photography session.

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