Movie Review: “Knives Out” Focuses on Immigration And White Privilege

Published November 28th, 2019 - 09:42 GMT
The film will be released across the Middle East on Nov. 28.
The film will be released across the Middle East on Nov. 28.
‘Knives Out’ stars Daniel Craig and Jamie Lee Curtis

Agatha Christie-style whodunnits are making a resurgence — from Adam Sandler’s “Murder Mystery” to 2017’s remake of Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” the “everyone’s a suspect” premise is once again captivating audiences. But where Sandler’s was a comic spin on the genre, “Knives Out” promises a fresh take on the classic formula.

Director Rian Johnson has wanted to try his hand at a murder mystery since he finished “Looper” in 2012. Now he’s made good on his wish with the tale of the Thrombrey family and the suspicious death of wealthy patriarch Harlan Thrombrey.

The whodunit sees Daniel Craig play a debonair southern American detective seeking to unmask the truth behind the death of a wealthy and eccentric patriarch, played by Christopher Plummer. In the process, the film touches on other aspects of the moral landscape of the US in 2019, including such topics as immigration and white privilege.

Arab News sat down with Rian Johnson and cast members Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans to learn more about the film.

Craig, the first big name to sign up to the project, said that it was an “incredibly easy” decision as “I don’t think any actor gets scripts like this very often. And I’m a fan of Rian Johnson.”

Meanwhile, Marvel star Chris Evans shared his excitement about the film.

“This movie is one of those movies that makes you excited about your job. And it makes you excited about collaborating... Everything about this movie encouraged the things that you want to be encouraged on as an actor.

“I was a little intimidated just because every actor in the movie is so accomplished. But Rian does a good job of making you feel comfortable and at home and ready to take risks,” he added.

Rarely for a Hollywood movie, the film puts a Latina caregiver, played by Cuban actress Ana de Armas, front and center.

“It’s just very special. She’s the moral compass of the movie. She’s the heart of the movie,” de Armas told Arab News.

The film will be released across the Middle East on Nov. 28.

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