Munther Rihana in JAIL!

Published June 27th, 2013 - 09:09 GMT
Serious business: Munther Rihana (Image: Munther Rihana Facebook)
Serious business: Munther Rihana (Image: Munther Rihana Facebook)

OK, so Munther Rihana may not have been arrested, but admit it, you were intrigued by the headline!

The actor is simply playing a new role in his Egyptian TV series “Al Aqrab” (The Scorpion), which requires him to do a bit of jail time... on set!

But “on set” is the exact opposite of where the visionary actor wanted to film those scenes. Keen for the scenes to look as realistic as possible, he refused to film them in the made-up prison cells.

Luckily, the show's director shared Munther's vision and ended up filming the scenes in Egypt's Al Marj Prison, according to Laha Magazine. Ooo creepy!

As expected, the filming crew were placed under a very tight schedule, since you know, it's prison! And they had to cram in filming before the Ramadan deadline, but, they did it.

The drama stars Munther, Hala Fakher, Liqa Al Khamis, Mohammad Lutfi and Hajaj Abdel Azim.

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