Mustafa Shabaan searching for scandals

Published July 7th, 2007 - 05:46 GMT

Egyptian actor Mustafa Shabaan has announced that the company the is responsible for producing his films has decided to postpone the screening of his latest film “Al Qanas” (The Sniper). The company has set the date for screening the film to be during the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr; the previous date was during the current month of July.


According to the London based Elaph, Mustafa stated that the film is not ready to be screened and not all the scenes of the film have been shot, adding that there were some scenes that will be filmed in Belgrade. 


The actor noted that he did not want to rush the making of the film process just to have it screened during the summer in turn affecting its expected success.


Mustafa stressed that he is not running away from the summer competition and that his film was to be shown during the summer, but due to not having enough time to complete it, a new release date was set.

“The Sniper” also stars Dalia Al Buhairy and is directed by Ahmad Samir Faraj. A budget of seven million Egyptian pounds was reserved for the film and filming locations take place in Syria, Egypt and Belgrade.


Mustafa plays the role of a paparazzi who lives on catching scandals of famous people on camera.
Mustafa was recently in Jordan after he received a special invitation from King Abdullah II to attend the conference on the Fight Against Drugs as guest of honor.

On a different note, a few months ago, Shabaan had disappeared from the spotlight and closed his cell phone to avoid direct questions regarding the reasons why his wife has filed for divorce. The actor has made all attempts to avoid confrontations with the media refusing anyone to get involved in his personal business.


Mustafa’s wife has gone to court and filed for a divorce only seven months after they made their marriage vows. Close contacts to Mustafa along with his lawyer have revealed that the actor himself is shocked with his wife’s actions.


It was stated that the actor would have not denied his wife’s request for a divorce and was willing to settle the matter without it reaching court. Mustafa has agreed to all the conditions of the divorce and has asked his lawyer to proceed with the divorce paper to end the matter as soon as possible.


Mustafa’s wife has refused to reveal the reasons behind her decision that ended the marriage in such a short period. Sources close to the wife stated that one of the reasons were the fact that Mustafa was constantly absent from his home due to his preoccupation with his acting career, in addition to the numerous disturbance by female fans who turned her life into a living hell.


Mustafa had met his wife at a gym, where they both went, and a love affair had begun last year in August.

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