Mwah! Haifa Unleashes Her Inner Dua Lipa in 'Hafdal'

Published September 6th, 2018 - 01:51 GMT
'Hafdal' (I Will Stay) marks a collaboration between Haifa and Egyptian music producer Sherif Mekkawi (Source: Haifa Wehbe - Youtube)
'Hafdal' (I Will Stay) marks a collaboration between Haifa and Egyptian music producer Sherif Mekkawi (Source: Haifa Wehbe - Youtube)

Written by Zaid Bawab

Lebanese Diva Haifa Wehbe continues to release songs from her new album 'Hawa' (Eve) which seem to have many highlights including the song "Hafdal" (I will Stay).

Haifa's album release strategy is different this time as instead of releasing the album at once to Youtube, iTunes, streaming applications or even releasing one or two preceding singles or an official music video for one of the songs first, Haifa and her team chose to release the album gradually.

For the past couple of weeks fans are going crazy with excitement as the songs are being posted one by one to the songstress's official youtube channel with a couple of days difference. A unique official lyrics video for each song features not only pictures of the Lebanese beauty, but also video footage that goes along the mood and vibe of every song.

The album release strategy seem to be successful so far and reflecting positively on the songs' views count, which many argue Haifa has been struggling with since her music releases that followed her widely celebrated 2012 'MJK' album.

One of the album's highlights however, is a song called "Hafdal" (I will Stay) with lyrics written by the diva herself in which she expresses to a lover how her lifestyle is certainly not a regular one and how he has to adapt and not ask her so many questions, which could certainly ring many bells on how Haifa has been feeling in regard to her own personal love life and previous marriage. Listen to 'Hafdal' below:

Listening to the song closely, you can't help but think of the UK's most currently celebrated pop act Dua Lipa and the kiss (Mwah!) sound in her song "Blow Your Mind".

The song also marks a collaboration with Egyptian music producer Sherif Mekkawi who seems to have worked on the biggest number of songs in Haifa's new albumm including the "Samira Said"ish"Mazzika Hadya" (Soft Music), the female empowering 'Egmady' (Get Yourself Together) and her poorly received yet distinctive sounding Valentine's release "Alaha Bahibbek" (He Told Her He Loves Her).

Mekkawi seems to have come a long way since his "Ezzay Habbetni?" (How Did You Love Me?) singing debut days and has become a name to look for in music production as he seems to have given Haifa the new fresh current electronic unique sound she needs at this time.

This is especially so, as she seems to have played the same cards musically a bit too many times. Music arranger Hadi Sharara who is still present in the new album in the track "Fi Yom Men Al Ayam" (One Day) seems to be less focused on Haifa than he used to be, since Lebanese Fashion icon and TV anchor Maya Diab got into the Arab pop music scene who could be named as Haifa's biggest rival at the moment.

Haifa proves once again that her success in the Arab Pop music industry is not a coincidence and that even though she might not be music producers Hadi Sharara's most spoiled collaborator anymore, she can still manage to produce music with new names in the Arab pop music industry that give her a musical flavor that echoes her past releases.

Haifa is keeping up with the global music industry. She knows exacltly when to walk away and start fresh as her new song lyrics suggests.

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