Myriam Fares cashes in on her looks

Published March 14th, 2013 - 09:21 GMT
Myriam Fares
Myriam Fares

She’s dubbed one of the most beautiful faces in the Arab world, so it’s no surprise that a renowned cosmetics company has snapped up Mariam Fares as its new brand ambassador.

Following its partnership with Mouna Amarsha, Mikyajy has now teamed up with Myriam to promote its new line of make-up and fragrances. Explaining the reason behind choosing the Lebanese superstar, Mikyajy brand director Jim Ragsdale said: “Mikyajy sets itself apart with a love of playfulness and creativity, and we decided that a talented star like Mariam would best personify and embody these values.”

Tabloid! caught up with the 29-year-old to find out more.

Q: Tell us more about this new campaign.

Basically, I’ll be collaborating with Mikyajy on various campaigns across the region, and then there’s the TV commercial which I am very fond of. It’s really playful and fun, which really suits my character, because I love playing up and showing off to the camera. It was a lot of fun shooting it!

Q: Have you always used Mikyajy?

The quality of the brand is very high, and I am obsessed with the number of colours they have. It’s a very fun company so I am happy to be associated with them.

-Your name is associated with various brands in the region. Do you ever worry that your fans might not like a certain product or company?

Q: Yes, of course, which is why I take great care in choosing what or who I associate myself with. I don’t believe that becoming the face of a brand makes you win more fans – it’s quite the opposite. If fans don’t like the product or are not convinced that it’s “me”, then they will make it very clear!

Q: You have been performing a lot in your recent commercials and music videos. Do you think more artists in the region should incorporate choreography into their performances?

Definitely. Whenever I am abroad, journalists always ask me who my competition is in terms of dance, and that’s because they don’t encounter many Arab singers who dance as well. In fact, I want to see more young people sign up to dance classes in the region. you never know – you might think you cannot dance, but then you’ll be surprised to see you’re good at it. It’s a beautiful art and gets everyone moving and enjoying themselves!

Q: Finally, your last album was out in 2011. There are rumours that your fifth record will be out this year. Is that true?

Yes, I am working on the album right now, but it has not finished yet. People know that I am very fussy and am never happy with my tracks — I end up recording something then going back and re-doing it! So I don’t think the new CD will be out until the summer.


By Rachel McArthur, Special to tabloid!

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