Myriam Klink tells everyone to 'fikko 3an teezi' before making threats with sordid video

Published August 24th, 2016 - 05:31 GMT
It's game on for Myriam. (Facebook)
It's game on for Myriam. (Facebook)

Myriam Klink, that cheeky rascal.

Not only did she tell people to "fikko 3an teezi" (get off her ass) on Instagram, but now she claims to hold the key to a well-known individual's destruction.

The blond bombshell said in a Facebook post that she has a video within her grasp "that would cause major drama in Lebanon," but after consulting with her lawyer Elie Abbas, she's been advised to stay put "until tomorrow."

"I hope I don't get poisoned before tomorrow... this video is a real scandal," she wrote.

While we're itching to know the video's scandalous content, Myms is keeping schtum.

Does she really have anything to show though or is she just trying to remain in the spotlight?

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